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June 12, 2017 1 Comment

Join the Grow by FarmHer Tour!

FarmHer is hitting the road! With the inspiration from reaching 1,000 young ladies in 4 states last year, we have decided to take our Grow by FarmHer events to a whole new level. The next year of events will cover six states and will allow FarmHer to meet thousands of young women at college campuses around the country!  The Midwest tour will visit three universities in one week in November. Then the Eastern tour will do the same format but will take place in February 2018.  



The Grow by FarmHer events creates an environment that allows young women connect with professionals in an industry that they are interested in. The day is full of dynamic speakers, networking opportunities with business leaders, and collaboration with peers. 

Don't take our word for it:

"As a nineteen-year-old female who does not come from a farm, I am doubted in my abilities to be involved with farm work. While pursuing a degree in Animal Science, and obtaining my certification in artificial insemination, the men in the industry are uncertain of my competences. I attended the 2016 Grow by FarmHer event when I newly changed my major to Animal Science and was debating if this was the right move. During the event, I had lunch with Shanen Ebersole, a notable RanchHer from Iowa who had little to no agriculture experience before marrying into a ranch family. Her story showed me I am not alone in the proving I belong in the ag industry. My discussions with Shanen are the leading reason why I am still an Animal Science major. I have learned throughout my journey I am not the only female with little to no experience striving to join the trade. I wish to use my story to show women they can achieve whatever they put their mind to, even if the odds are against them. This event allowed me to mingle with fellow women in agriculture, learn important career concepts, and receive inspiration from the other FarmHers while giving me the chance to share my story. Agriculture is my passion and FarmHer taught me to use my passion as my power. Now it is my turn to exhibit to the ambitious women in ag that our passion can be used as our power to prove to the world that a 19-year-old girl who grew up in town can, AND WILL, be a successful A.I. tech and an asset to the agricultural industry."

Find out more information at www.GrowbyFarmHer.com.

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Jane Schwartz
Jane Schwartz

March 19, 2019

Hello, I attended the DC Grow by FarmHer with several of my Sigma Alpha sisters with strong interests in agriculture, and I would love to talk to someone on the FarmHer team about our experience. We were all sincerely interested and excited, however the event was not at all to our expectations or hopes. I would love to be able to talk to someone within this organization or with Marji about our concerns and experience.

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