New Episodes of FarmHER and RanchHER Now Airing on RFD-TV!

Megan Shanley Warren of FarmHER Season 6, Episode 1.

FarmHER and RanchHER Empower Women in Agriculture during National Agriculture Week

FarmHER and RanchHER lead the charge on celebrating women in agriculture with an all-new season premiering on National Ag Day – Tuesday, March 19, 2024!

NASHVILLE, TN – In observance of the 51st National Agriculture Week, two of Rural Media Group’s highly acclaimed series, FarmHER and RanchHER, are proud to amplify the voices and stories of women in agriculture. National Agriculture Week serves as a reminder of the critical role that agriculture plays in our daily lives. It is also an opportunity to recognize the significant impact that women have in shaping the future of agriculture. Through multimedia platforms, including television shows, events, and social media channels, FarmHER and RanchHER aim to inspire and empower the next generation of female agricultural leaders by showcasing their diverse experiences and achievements.

FarmHER Host Kirbe Schnoor (left) interviewing Megan Shanley Warren of Shanley Farms in an avocado grove for FarmHER Season 6 on RFD-TV.
FarmHER Host Kirbe Schnoor (left) interviews Megan Shanley Warren of Shanley Farms in her avocado grove while filming FarmHER Season 6 on RFD-TV.

“Women are the heart of agriculture,” said Raquel Gottsch Koehler, CEO of FarmHer and RanchHer. “They bring diverse perspectives and invaluable contributions. I am proud to recognize the strong female presence in agriculture during National Agriculture Week and reaffirm our commitment to providing FarmHERs and RanchHERs with the support, resources, and praise they deserve.”

FarmHER and RanchHER offer a variety of programs and initiatives designed to support women in agriculture, including educational workshops and networking events. Through these efforts, FarmHER and RanchHER strive to foster a more inclusive and equitable agricultural industry where women can thrive and succeed.

FarmHER, the groundbreaking television series showcasing the vital role women play in the agriculture industry, will return to RFD-TV on National Agriculture Day, Tuesday, March 19th, at 9:00 pm ET. Hosted by the talented Kirbe Schnoor, viewers can anticipate six captivating episodes, each offering an intimate and empowering glimpse into the lives of women shaping the success of farms and rural communities.” Episodes will also repeat each week on Fridays at 9:30 pm ET and Saturdays at 11:30 am ET. RanchHER television episodes will begin on April 30, 2024. 

“The role of women in agriculture cannot be overstated,” Kirbe emphasized. “Women bring a deep connection to the land that sustains our communities and nourishes our future.”

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