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Megan Shanley Warren from FarmHER Season 6, Episode 1

FarmHER Forges a Fruitful Legacy

Meet FarmHER Megan Shanley Warren, a captivating citrus grower from Southern California! Shanley Farms started as a retirement project spearheaded by Megan’s late father, Jim Shanley. But over the years, with Megan’s help, it evolved into an abundant California farm that celebrates unique crops.

The dynamic father-daughter duo became standouts by growing Citriburst finger limes and Morro Bay Avocados. The recent unexpected loss of Jim has left Megan farming without her dad. Witness her determination to continue his legacy on the first episode of FarmHER Season 6 on RFD-TV.

Shanley Farms

Nestled in the scenic landscapes of Morro Bay lies a farm like no other. At Shanley Farms, coastal cool converges with tropical heat to create the perfect conditions for cultivating unique crops. Among these treasures, Shanley’s Morro Bay Avocados are a stand-out staple for the family’s operation, now under the watchful eye of FarmHER and passionate fruit grower, Megan Shanley Warren.

Megan Shanley Warren and Kirbe Schnoor.

The journey of Shanley Farms traces back to 1998 when Megan’s late father, Jim Shanley, a former commodities trader, embarked on a new chapter in his life, retiring to pursue his passion for farming and establish a lasting legacy tied to the land. Thus, Shanley Farms in Morro Bay, California became the canvas for Jim’s agricultural aspirations, where he planted the seeds of what would soon be celebrated as ‘Gator Eggs’ – avocados renowned for their convenient single-serving size and delectable flavor.

Like Father, Like Daughter

Over a decade later, Jim invited Megan to join the venture, igniting a partnership that would shape the future of Shanley Farms. Armed with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics and Management from Cornell University, Megan brought her expertise and matched passion for agriculture to the enterprise. Her husband also joined the business.

With a shared vision of delighting food lovers and culinary adventurers, Shanley Farms quickly became synonymous with truly unique produce. Together, Jim and Megan expanded the horizons of Shanley Farms with the acquisition of Venice Hill Ranch in Visalia, California in 2011. Spanning 62 acres, this fertile land yielded a bounty of fruits from avocados and kiwis to an array of citrus.

Meet Megan Shanley Warren, a

Around this time, Jim’s curiosity led him to the Citrus Exhibition, where he encountered Australia’s native finger lime. Enthralled by its unique taste and appearance, Jim seized the opportunity to introduce this exotic micro citrus to the American market. Thus, Citriburst was born, marking a new chapter in Shanley Farms’ legacy of pioneering produce.

Produce Pioneers

However, tragedy struck in February 2023 when Jim Shanley passed away in a tragic swimming accident in Costa Rica, leaving behind a profound void in the Shanley Farms family. Yet, Megan, fueled by her father’s legacy and guided by their shared vision, remains steadfast in her commitment to carrying forward the legacy they built together, alongside her three sons – James, Jack, and Sterling.

As Megan navigates the complexities of farming without her father by her side, she honors his memory by continuing to nurture Shanley Farms’ passion for producing quality produce. Together with her dedicated team, Megan ensures that the legacy of Shanley Farms endures as a testament to the enduring bond between father and daughter and their shared love for the land.

Harnessing Innovation to Expand Horizons

Walking through her verdant orchard, Megan eagerly shares the intricacies of avocado cultivation in this unique part of California, a process as fascinating as it is fruitful. While their staple crop is avocados, as Megan assumed leadership of her family operation over the years, the Shanley family has worked tirelessly to capitalize on their unique ecosystem and weather conditions, growing their operation over the years to include acreage for fascinating (and delicious!) specialty crops like finger limes and other tropical and citrus fruits.

As we admire the rich, dusky avocados ready for harvest this year, Megan explains the meticulous timing required for optimal yield to FarmHER host Kirbe Schnoor. While Kirbe grew up among almond orchards in another part of California, her curiosity piqued, inquiring about the significance of this timeframe. In Morro, weather conditions are so unique that their avocado harvesting seasons overlap.

In Morro Bay, It’s (Almost) Always Avocado Season

The avocado growing season at Shanley Farms is longer than average avo, a journey spanning 18 months from the bloom of the flower to the moment the fruit is picked from the tree. But here’s the magic of Morrow Bay – the cooler weather in Morro Bay extends the fruit’s hanging time, resulting in a harvest that lasts well into December. As Megan shares about their harvests, her eyes light up with enthusiasm as she dives into the nuances of avocado ripening on their operation.

Through our enlightening conversation with Megan, it becomes more and more evident that her expertise transcends just an understanding of farming. She embodies a profound connection with the land and a deep-rooted respect for nature’s rhythms.

Indeed, Megan Shanley Warren epitomizes the essence of farming – a harmonious blend of tradition, innovation, and stewardship. As we bid farewell to the orchard, we carried with us a newfound appreciation for avocados and an ever-deepening admiration for FarmHERs like Megan, one of many hardworking women who carry on their legacy on the land with unwavering dedication to help feed the world.

FarmHER Megan Shanley Warren

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