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A female farmer resting her hand on a dairy cow.

Looking Back: A Few FarmHERs to Celebrate in June

June is a special month because it gives us a chance to celebrate the hardworking members of the agricultural community in the dairy sector as well as those growing flowers, protecting bees, and nurturing our understanding of pollinators’ vital role in our food supply.

FarmHer's new host Kirbe Schnoor on-location filming Season 6 of the show.
Pollinators on pink flowers at a farm.
FarmHER Amber Rutledge leading TV Host Kirbe Schnoor through a hive inspection on her honey operation.

Dairy FarmHERs

You might know that June is National Dairy Month. We love to celebrate this time because we can’t get enough! From butter to milk to cheese, we are so proud of the amazing American FarmHERs who ensure Everybody Eats. Here are a few we’ve visited over the years:

Annaliese Wegner
Wegnerlann Dairy, Wisconsin

Dairy FarmHER and Influencer Annaliese Wegner of Wegnerlann Dairy, is foremost known for her infectious energy and “I’m going to do it anyway” attitude. The wheels started turning when raising her children required Annaliese to step back from her work at the family dairy. Eventually, it evolved into a vibrant side business called the Modern Day Farm Chick.

Dairy FarmHER Annaliese Wegner

Margaret Gladstone
Newmont Farm, Vermont

Margaret Gladstone is a FarmHer on a dairy cattle mission. From animal husbandry to raising a family, she’s done it all successfully. At Newmont Farms, Margaret is more than a FarmHer, wife, mom, and grandma. She is the vision behind the scenes, an encyclopedia of dairy knowledge, a mentor with a big heart, and the glue that holds the family farm together.

FarmHER Margaret Gladstone

Carrie Mess, a.k.a. “Dairy Carrie”
Dairy FarmHER & Food Blogger, Wisconsin

Carrie started her “Dairy Carrie” blog on a whim. She was looking to share her thoughts and story as a Wisconsin family dairy.  Her authentic nature and clear way of communicating (with just enough snark thrown in) have struck a chord with an online audience. She shares her stories through her blog and also on her social media pages.

Wisconsin Food Blogger and FarmHER Carrie Mess, aka Dairy Carrie, with one of her cows.

Emily and Lisa Zweber
Zweber Farms, Minnesota

Strong women.  That’s what FarmHers are, strong, real women.  Emily and Lisa Zweber are FarmHers through and through.  They are half of the equation that makes up Zweber Farms in Elko, Minnesota. They’re a fourth-generation family dairy and it’s clear they are the heart of this farm.  

Woman working on family dairy

Amanda Freund
Freund’s Farm, Connecticut

FarmHER Amanda Freund is one of four children born into a dairy farming family.  As the children grew so did the demand for more income. So her mother Teresa went from selling corn at a roadside stand to expanding the farm market. Today, she balances her days between the dairy and Cow Pots, an innovative product her family created that repurposes cow waste into biodegradable starter pots for plants.

Amanda Freund standing in her family's dairy barn.

Amy and Beth Marcoot
Marcoot Jersey Creamery, New Jersey

Dairy FarmHERs Amy and Beth Marcoot grew up on their family dairy farm and once they left, they didn’t intend to stay. But then, when their dad started thinking about retiring and selling the farm, the girls just couldn’t let the dairy tradition leave their family. So they put their heads together and came up with a new idea. A creamery! The Marcoot Jersey Creamery to be exact. They set their plan in place as the seventh generation of their family to raise and milk Jersey cattle.  They brought in their childhood friend, Audie Wall and the rest is cheese history.

Amy and Beth Marcoot with friend Audie, the founders of the Marcoot Creamery.

Goat FarmHERs

The often-overlooked sister in dairy – goat’s milk makes wonderful and rich-tasting milk that is an excellent foundation for cheeses and ice creams. We aren’t overlooking our amazing Goat FarmHERs. Here are a few we’ve met over the years.

Jen Welch
The Crowded Acre Farm, Colorado

Meet young FarmHer Jen Welch of The Crowded Acre, where dreams come to life. From a food truck to chickens and goats, she has it all. Over the past 10 years, the family has grown to include three kids. The farm has expanded to about 120 acres of land….so they aren’t all crowded into one acre anymore.


Jen Welch, the owner of The Crowded Acre and The Bearded Lady.

Pam Lunn
The Dancing Goat, Florida

Life is a dance. And when the dance spins you in another direction, you go with it. That is exactly what FarmHER Pam Lunn did. Who knew the dance of life would take her in the direction of The Dancing Goat, a popular urban goat dairy?  She built a barn, right there in the middle of an urban Tampa neighborhood. Then she built an adjoining guest house, which is the base of operations for The Dancing Goat. It’s out of that guest house that she sells her popular goat milk, yogurt, cheese, and soap products.  

Pam Lunn, owner of The Dancing Goat, milking a dairy goat on her farm.

Flower FarmHERs & Honey Connoisseurs

You already know how vital pollinators are to agriculture and our food supply. As we meditate on that during National Pollinator Month, we can’t help but be overwhelmingly grateful to the farmers who cultivate flower farms that support pollinator populations as well as the world-class apiarists who dedicate their family lands as safe havens for bees — and harvest their sweet honey for us to enjoy!

Amber Rutledge
Wild Harvest Honey, Illinois

Meet Honey FarmHER Amber Rutledge, a Honey Connoisseur who offers a variety of honey for you to try and buy at her operation Wild Harvest Honey. From honeycomb straight from the hive to leading tastings approved by the American Honey Tasting Society, she’s got it all covered.

Beekeeper Amber Rutledge from FarmHER Season 6 Episode 4.

Anya Irons
Loerger Family Farms, Illinois

Anya Irons is a FarmHer who was raised in a Russian orphanage until she was five months old and adopted by an Illinois farm family over 15 years ago. Once she stepped foot on the farm she found her home and has never looked back.  When she found her family and the farm, I would say, they found her, too.  She has not only taken to the farm but has been an integral part of growing and changing the generational operation.

Anya Irons

Sarah Turkus
Osamequin Farm, Massachusetts

Sarah Turkus found her way into farming after college and it has been a cornerstone ever since.  With the expansion of multiple fields, a farm stand, and other projects, there is no shortage of work for this FarmHer! Certain parts of the farm are also open to visitors, like their u-pick blueberry patch.

Mary Loess
Loess Hills Lavender Farm, Iowa

Meet Flower FarmHER Mary Loess of Loess Hills Lavender Farm. In addition to lavender, Mary has converted a 10-acre field into a pollinator habitat where visitors can explore and pick bouquets of beautiful Iowa wildflowers.

Mary Hamer tends to her lavender plants at Loess Hills Lavender Farm in Iowa.

a butterfly sitting on a flower in a patch of flowers.

Everybody Eats

At the heart of every meal is a story—a tale of dedication, nurture, and the enduring spirit of those who tend the land. Everybody Eats is the place where the narratives of food and agriculture converge. In partnership with FarmHer, we meet courageous women who embody not just the power of nurturing but also the strength of leading in transforming our food systems. They are the unsung heroes, educators, and compassionate souls who have relentless commitment and extraordinary care embedded in cultivating our food. Feed your curiosity, nourish your understanding, and grow your appreciation for the stewards who make sure that Everybody Eats.

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